A visual from the Spirit of Singapore boat ride.


Am I able to take photographs inside the attraction?

For Images of Singapore LIVE, NO photography or videography is allowed.

Is Images of Singapore LIVE guided?

Yes, Images of Singapore LIVE is an actor lead/guided attraction. Guests are led through 11 scenes in total.

What language does the actor use when they perform?

The actors in Images of Singapore LIVE use a mixture of English & Singaporean local English when they perform. Chinese show will be available at: 11AM, 1PM, and 5PM. Please book your time slot online to avoid disappointment! 

How long does it take to go through the attraction?

The attraction takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, excluding queuing time.

Is Images of Singapore LIVE suitable for younger audience?

Low ambience lighting, loud sounds effects and special lighting effects are some of the features in this attraction hence may not be suitable for young guests.

What is the capacity of Image of Singapore LIVE?

Guests are led into the attraction in groups of 35 in approximately 8 minute intervals.

Is there any toilet in Images of Singapore LIVE?

There are no toilets en-route, guests are advised to use the toilet before entering the attraction.

I have a COMBO ticket for both Madame Tussauds Singapore & Images of Singapore LIVE, can I visit one attraction on day 1 and the other on some other date?

No, the COMBO ticket is valid ONLY on the day itself. Guests need to visit both attractions on the same given day.

Can guests re-enter with same day tickets or do they have to re-purchase?

The entrance ticket is for one time use only. Should guests wish to re-enter after exiting the exit turnstile, they would need to purchase a new ticket.

Can I take a pushchair or buggy around Images of Singapore LIVE?

Families with young children are advised that baby buggies are not allowed in the attraction. Buggies are to be left at our pushchair drop off point.

Am I allowed to eat/drinks within the attraction?

No. Guests are not permitted to eat/drinks within the attraction and including baby food.

Is the attraction wheelchair friendly?

Yes, our attraction is wheelchair friendly but we can only accommodate maximum 2 (TWO) wheelchairs at one time (in the attraction) due to safety measurement. If there are more than 2 wheelchair-bound guests, they would need to wait until the first two exits the attraction before entering.

Is Images of Singapore LIVE placed on the same level?

No, Images of Singapore LIVE is on two levels; however we have an elevator for guests that require it.

Am I able to pay in Credit Card/debit card?

We accept Visa, MasterCard & NETS Card ONLY.

What kind of currency you accept?

You may use Singapore dollars for your purchases in our attraction.

Will there be any seating area within the attraction?

Unfortunately we do not provide any seating areas inside Images of Singapore LIVE, but sitting areas can be found around the attraction at Imbiah Lookout.

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